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Career coaching programme from Emma Fulton Coaching

More2childcare and Emma Fulton coaching are excited to have launched a regular career coaching programme for More2Childcare mums . The programme provides a dedicated space where you can focus on your career aspirations and challenges and how to integrate them with family life.  

As busy parents in the midst of the ‘childcare years’, many mums find themselves on the hamster wheel of work and childcare with very little time to take a step back and consider career aspirations, goals or challenges.

And yet, this is a period in our lives where very often our priorities shift (whether subtly or completely) and we want to re-evaluate our career direction.

So it was with this in mind that, together with More2, Emma Fulton decided to set up this group coaching programme.

The group will be a supportive space where you will have the opportunity to work towards your individual career goals together. You will have the input of a dedicated coach, the support of the group and the opportunity to learn from others, collaborate and hopefully have some fun in the process.

The programme will provide you with:

- Time out to focus on you.

- Clarity over your career vision and objectives.

- Accountability to help you reach your goals.

- Coaching on your career challenges, so that you keep taking action to achieve your goals.

- The ability to draw on the collective wisdom and experiences of the group.

- Discussion of career related topics (examples of topics how to balance work and parenting, your career vision now you are a parent, workplace confidence, career progression as a parent, career change).



- 6 x 2 hour, monthly group meetings

- Ad hoc coaching between sessions - Emma will be available to provide email or whatsapp/voxer coaching sessions if you have questions or challenges that are stopping you moving forward.

- Mid-month accountability - a month is a long time when it comes to goal achievement, Emma will be contact mid-month to see how things are going and to check in.

- Private Facebook group for discussion, questions and support.


- Checking in against actions set the previous month

- Presentation and discussion of a specific topic

- Hot seat coaching - each month 1 person will be in the 'hot seat' and can be coached around whatever challenges they are facing or whatever questions they'd like to raise.

- Action setting for the next month


Meeting 1 - Thursday 16 November

Meeting 2 - Thursday 7 December

Meeting 3 - Thursday 11 January

Meeting 4 - Thursday 1 February

Meeting 5 - Thursday 1 March

Meeting 6 - Thursday 29 March

These dates are set to be approximately monthly but to avoid school holiday periods.


If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to email

About Emma Fulton Coaching

Emma Fulton provides holistic career and life coaching, mentorship and inspiration to women with children and ambitions. She helps women with children to navigate the challenging path of fulfilling their own ambitions and realising dreams, while also being present and available to their children – so that they can live vivid, rich, and fulfilling lives.

Prior to setting up her coaching practice, Emma had a successful 10-year career in Corporate Finance. Having found herself struggling to balance the demands of the role with raising a young son and also discovering that her passions may lie elsewhere, she embarked on a mission to discover what next. Her path took her to coaching and she now happily shares her skills, knowledge, and experiences to help other women deal with the sometimes overwhelming range of choices they face as they look to balance their goals and ambitions with motherhood and the needs of their children.